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Signing the Lease

After receiving your deposit, we will draw up a lease for the dates indicated on the Home Page . We will need to enter your 'home address' on the lease, which will normally be your parents' address.

The Duration of the Lease

The lease will cover a 12 month period. You will be responsible for paying the rent for every month of that 12 month period. Therefore our rooms are only suitable for students on 12-month courses who can and will be in Edinburgh during this period. Make sure you are happy about this before entering into an agreement with us.

A masterlease will be signed by all the tenants on arrival, or before, in accordance with the Scottish Housing Act.

Type of Lease

The lease is a 'Short Assured Tenancy', as issued by Edinburgh City Council for houses in multiple occupation. It has been checked and approved by them as part of the HMO licensing procedures. It is a joint lease with all the tenants in the flat. This is standard practice, and is legally binding over the period of the lease.

First and Second Month's Rent 
Paying the rent before the standing order

Payment by Standing Order
How to pay the rent