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Deposit and Lease


First contact us as described on our Contact Page. If we can offer you a room, we will ask for a deposit as described below.

Please tell us as soon as you have transferred the deposit. Other people may be wanting the same room. We will then reserve you the room and prepare the Lease.

The full deposit OF £600 is always required before entry to the property

This deposit is returned at the end of the lease.

The first rental instalment is also required before entry.

The deposit is sent to Safe Deposits Scotland at the start of the lease.



Please ask us for the bank details, then transfer the deposit to the given flat account. You must ask at your bank to pay all the international transfer fees otherwise we will not receive what we have asked for. TransferWise is a good way to pay from outside the UK.. Make sure to name your transfer, so we can identify you.

If we receive less than the full deposit due, we will ask for the balance when you arrive at the beginning of the lease.



After receiving your deposit, we will draw up a lease for the start date

The lease will cover you for the time in the property. You will be responsible for paying the rent for every month of that period. Therefore our rooms are only suitable for students on 12-month courses who can and will be in Edinburgh during this period. Make sure you are happy about this before entering into an agreement with us.

We will scan and send electronically the lease to your e-mail address given. We can send a printed copy on request. The legal documentation regarding tenancies is part of this lease. A parental guarantee form is also included and a form stating the length of your stay anticipated  You will be asked to sign these and return one copy to us. A masterlease will be signed by all the tenants on arrival, or before, in accordance with the Scottish Housing Act.

This joint lease is produced by the Scottish Government and suitable for houses in multiple occupation where tenants are not related. It has been checked and approved by them as part of the HMO licensing procedures.