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Professional Standards

The flats are licensed as HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) for four people and are visited every three years by Edinburgh City Council as part of this scheme

We are accredited nationally and locally as 'Scottish Accredited Landlords'

We are active members of The Scottish Association of Landlords and The UK National Landlords' Association.

We attend training courses for landlords


All our doors have mortice locks provided by a private locksmith. Only we can get keys cut for our doors. They cannot be copied on the high street.

Entrance to the Block: Is through a steel security door. There is an entry phone system inside the flat. 16 other flats are inside the block.

The flats are on a top floor landing (4th floor), meaning that there are few passers by, and any potential intruder would have to scale a high wall.

4/1 is on the ground floor. A full beam-enabled security alert system, which connects to the local police station is checked twice yearly.

Some windows are reinforced double-glazing


We insist that our flats are non-smoking flats and candle free

Boilers and gas systems are checked and certified annually

Furniture complies with fire-prevention criteria.

The electrical wiring is certified for fire-safety.

All appliances are inspected and certified every year.

The whole flat is checked for flame-retardant surfaces 


All doors are 30-minute fire doors

The smoke alarm system is mains-operated

The kitchens have Carbon Monoxide alarms in place and a Dorgard activated by fire or smoke.

All doors have turn-locks on the inside, so you can't be locked inside

Fire extinguishers are on each landing and kitchen.

35/14 has the additional security of an unobtrusive fire sprinkler system